Armenian Research Center in Humanities

With a larger vision of modernizing the Armenian society, the Armenian Research Center in Humanities (ARCH) conducts disciplinary and interdisciplinary research in various fields of humanities (political science, sociology, cultural studies, literary...


Armenia 2018: Realities and Perspectives

The report analyzes the causes, trends and perspectives of the velvet revolution in Armenia.

Armenia: Waves of Political Changes

This analytical text was written by Manvel Sargsyan in 2007-2008, but for obvious political reasons was never published. Meanwhile, the work not only remained relevant, but also became especially up-to-date due to the in-depth explanation of the essence of the criminal-oligarchic system of power, which the Armenian revolution of 2018 opposes. The first part of the work presents a constructive model that describes the structure of power relations operating in Armenia since the beginning of the 2000s. The second part, a chronicle of political events, allows drawing a fairly complete picture of the dynamics of the emergence and consolidation of this system.

The Elites and Institutions in the Armenian Transnation

The essay covers the transformation of the Armenian diaspora from a nationalist community in exile to a diasporic transnation and offers new conceptual perspectives for the analysis of diaspora elites and institutions.

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