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Ara Nedolyan

Ara Nedolyan

Theatrologist, publicist, writer. Born in Yerevan, Armenia, in 1969. Graduated from the Yerevan Art and Theatre Institute, qualification – theatrologist, thesis – "Improvisation and Interpretation in the theater." Worked at the Art Institute of National Academy of Sciences RA, wrote a study "The dramaturgy of Levon Shant." Edited and published philosophical journals: Gnosis (1996-99), Artziv (2008), worked in the journal Language, Society and Communication (2010). Since 1989, participates in the Yerevan School game-technics and methodologies, operating game-technician. Essayist, author of several political and philosophical articles and essays, in particular – "The essence of theater," "Art as Liberation Technology", "Ancient Greek revolution as an invariant for all subsequent revolutions." The author of the novel Illumination (2002).


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