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Ashot Voskanyan

Ashot Voskanyan

PhD in Philosophy, Associate Professor at the Yerevan State University and Adjunct Associate Professor at the American University of Armenia. More than 50 publications in Armenian, Russian, German, English and French, author of monographs "The Inevitability of Understanding: Essays on the History of Philosophical Hermeneutics and Deconstruction" (2015) and "Charent’s Time" (On the spirit) (2017). Founder and President of the Armenian Research Centre in Humanities (ARCH) since 1993․ Member of Armenian Parliament (1990-95 and 1995-97), Chairman of Standing Committee on Ethics, Member of Parliaments Presidium (1990-95). Ambassador of Armenia to Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovak Republic, Permanent Representative of RA to OSCE and UN Organizations in Vienna (1995-1997, residence Vienna), Ambassador of Armenia to Germany (1998-2002).



"Splinters of the Empire", because of their marginal nature, have a certain ability to synthesize. They are able to overcome the mutual inertia of "Agents of Influence" and "Genuine-Armenians", creating a linkage between the western Enlightenment and those bearers of national consciousness that do not avoid critical consideration of their own roots and perceive their "Armeniannes" not just as a gift, but as a task to be performed. Text in Armenian here.


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