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The Elites and Institutions in the Armenian Transnation

The essay covers the transformation of the Armenian diaspora from a nationalist community in exile to a diasporic transnation and offers new conceptual perspectives for the analysis of diaspora elites and institutions.

How Russia Works: Simon Kordonsky on the Estate-Based Essence of Russia

Estates are groups created by the state to solve its own problems. Estates exist in any social system. It is a pre-class thing. Classes naturally emerge on the market, yet estates are created by the state.

Culture as an Enterprise

Due to their suspended state, “Fragments of Empire” have a certain synthesizing ability that can propel an inert mass of “Armenian-People” and “agents of influence,” and serve as a link between the essential element of Western civilization—the dialectic of enlightenment—and the component of national potential, which dreams in the Crow's Rock, and which does not avoid (and most importantly, is not afraid of) the explorative, as well as the critical analysis of its own roots and considers its Armenianness not only a grace, but also a task.

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