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Armenia 2018: Realities and Perspectives

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Armenian 2018

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In the first years of its independence, the Republic of Armenia, along with other post-Soviet countries, was viewed as a "country in transition" – a transition from the Soviet socio-economic model to a market economy and a Western-type democracy.

Later developments have shown that the direction of the transition is not so certain, and in the early 2000’s, some Western scholars questioned the validity of the "transition paradigm". In Armenia as well, that paradigm was kept as a convenient language for communication with the outside world; whereas, among local scholars, the traditional "nationalist" approach is wide-spread.

Meanwhile, it becomes increasingly evident that both "transitive" and "nationalist" discourses are not able to describe the socio-economic realities of today's Armenia and are oftenimitational.

There are, of course, interesting and realistic analyses produced in Armenia and in the Armenian-language, but they are scattered and lost in the overall "communication noise".

The international conference Armenia 2018: Realities and Perspectives and the parallel interactive internet platform serve the need of consolidating these scattered efforts and making them visible through a long and sustained program.

Only the consolidation of a new discourse in social sciences can rationally reflect the Armenian realities and form an intellectual atmosphere in Armenia, where the "quasi-western" and the "quasi-patriotic" languages will no longer be perceived as mutually exclusive "natural givens" but will have to put their arguments up for a rational debate with the alternative discourse.

Project Director: Ashot Voskanyan, Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia, PhD (Dr. habil. in Philosophy)

Project Coordinator: Siranush Dvoyan, PhD in Philology

Organizer: Armenian Research Center in Humanities

With financial support of

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation


Amrican University of Armenia   Yerevan State University     Haygazian University    Cooperation for Democracy

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Project pdf

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